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Say ‘I do’ to planning your alternative wedding

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

For a few years, particularly during the Celtic Tiger, lavish weddings were in full swing; in fact, newlyweds across Ireland can expect to pay upwards of €36,000 for their big day. Fantastic if you have it spare, but the reality is that Irish couples are now exploring alternative wedding arrangements which are a bit more budget-friendly, without any impediment or compromise for their special day, and what many couples are now expressing is that these alternative ceremonies allow greater freedom of choice and offer a bespoke wedding which is customised to the happy couple.

The biggest question is; where do I start, and what is available?

Organising your dream wedding

Attaining a practical and suitable venue is probably one of the biggest challenges of having an alternative wedding. Many couples turn to friends and family to help them out and as a return, fields, barns, forests, beaches, and bogs have hosted the couple and their guests on their special day. It is worth asking the local council and authorities about permissions for the classification of these exclusive venues, as some may be protected areas to help protect and preserve indigenous flora and fauna.

While we all know that the Irish landscape is breathtaking, the weather can be ‘’unpredictable’’ to say the least. Prepare for all possibilities by having waterproof clothing and equipment available for your party, and an area for guests can comfortably reside during a heavy shower.

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