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Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at festival season?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Attending a music festival and being captivated by the breath taking stage, the euphoric atmosphere and the seamless flow of performances are one of the best things about the Irish summertime.

Behind this magical experience lies a meticulous behind-the-scenes setup that ensures everything runs smoothly. Stretch Tents Ireland, a renowned provider of stretch tents, sound systems, and lighting solutions is a crucial contributor to some of Irelands’ hottest festivals; but what exactly is involved to set the perfect ambience using our professional lighting or showcasing artists using the best PA system. From planning and logistics to collaboration and technology, let’s uncover the secrets that make festivals come alive.

Festival operations

Behind-the-scenes festival setups are vital for several reasons. Our first festival mission is to ensure smooth operations by taking care of logistics, equipment setup, and technical aspects. These setups play a crucial role in creating a memorable experience for attendees, from the stage design to the overall ambience.

A well-executed festival setup involves a myriad of tasks for us which includes tent setup, audio arrangements, and lighting design. We know that each aspect must be carefully planned and executed to perfection which is why we specialise in providing comprehensive solutions that streamline the entire process, ensuring seamless operations.

Festival-goers crave an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Our flawless behind-the-scenes setups enable the creation of awe-inspiring stages, captivating lighting displays, and crystal-clear sound systems. These elements work together to transport attendees to a world of music and wonder, leaving a lasting impression on each attendee; but what exactly is involved in this process and how do we know exactly what to do?

Stretch Tents

Choosing the right venue is paramount. Factors such as accessibility, available space, and local regulations need to be adhered to. Before the festival, we collaborate with event organisers to identify suitable layouts that meet the festival's requirements. We will then allocate our stretch tents in accordance with the space, acts, and anticipated attendee figures, and get to work setting them up. This is a very time-consuming job, and it must be done correctly; otherwise, the tent can collapse.

The music sounds better with Stretch Tents Ireland

Audio quality can make or break a performance. Our experienced sound engineers will assess the venue's acoustics, implement strategic speaker placement, and fine-tune the sound systems to ensure an immersive auditory experience for festival-goers. What works one year for a festival may not work the next due to a change in weather or landscape, and flexibility should always be anticipated when organising a festival, because compromises will more than likely have to be made.

Walk into the light

Lighting design is an art that transforms the festival atmosphere. Stretch Tent Ireland's lighting specialists conceptualize and execute breath-taking designs that enhance the performances, immerse the crowd in vibrant hues, and create memorable visual spectacles. The lighting design is particularly important for weekend festivals, as along with creating ambience, attendees will also depend on lighting to navigate their way through the festival at night time.

We got the power

We often get asked about how we power all our professional sound and lighting equipment, and the answer is… with great difficulty. Strategically placed generators are the main source of electricity, along with some extraordinarily long extension leads which generally power the smaller stages.


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