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For fun, creative and aesthetically pleasing décor options for your next event, contact Stretch Tents Ireland



Featuring a beautiful array of hand made creative décor options, Stretch Tents Ireland provides professional eye-catching décor and installation that work for your next event.

Our customizable décor options have been used for private parties and weddings, end-of-year corporate events, commercial and community functions and more.

Regardless of what you choose, we deliver high-quality décor options that are sure to impress your numerous attendees on arrival.

For eye-catching and attractive décor options at your next event, contact Stretch Tents Ireland

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

If you need unique lighting options for your next event, check out our range of decorative lighting solutions. Our decorative lamps include star and heart lamps that stand up to 4 metres tall, available in a range of colours.


We also install unique stretch lamps that can be used as lighting for walkways and fence lines. These are available in a variety of colours.

Custom Décor

Custom Décor

We create all of our décor options, and can also adjust them depending on your needs.


If you have an idea for your own event décor that isn’t mentioned on our website, we’d love to hear it!


Stage Design

We have created our own custom stage design projects in the past.


These projects include a variety of pallet stage installations, the Sub-Atomic stage hexagon mapping screens that can be adapted to multiple stage sizes

For more outdoor installation and custom décor ideas for your event, contact Stretch Tents Ireland

Décor FAQ

Where can I find low budget wedding stage decorations?

Stretch Tents Ireland provide wedding décor and stage design for all customers based in Ireland.

Where can I find decorative lighting for sale?

Stretch Tents Ireland offer decorative lighting such as star lamps and heart lamps for hire on our website to all customers in Ireland.

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